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Release Notes - v2.34 - March 2023

Version: v2.34
Release date: 13 March 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Expert Assist Improvements

There have been a number of Expert Assist improvements within flow, workspace, and administration; all of which further enhance the crowdsourcing capabilities of Tenjin.

Administrators are now able to add experts against topics, enabling more users to answer questions and aiding in the initial setup of Expert Assist and onboarding of users.

To further promote and enhance Expert Assist within the workspace, the workspace has been given a complete update, removing the browsing of knowledge and focusing on Expert Assist, bringing it to the forefront and consolidating all crowdsourcing information into an easy-to-use interface, making it easy for users to view and answer questions.

As part of the Expert Assist updates, flow has also been improved with a new Get Open Question action and all the open question actions have been reviewed to provide more useful data for flow designers to build more useful proactive and conversation flows.

More information about Expert Assist is available here:

New Flow Action

  • Get Open Question - Retrieve an Expert Assist question by its unique ID for use in flow.

New Data Store Skill

A new Data Store skill has been added to Tenjin, which further enhances the capabilities available to an assistant and flow.

Previously within flow, we had flow, conversation, and user state variable options. These are all specific to users and their conversation with the assistant, so now the assistant has its own data storage option, we call it 'assistant state'.

Within the skill there is a management interface for viewing, inserting, updating, and deleting the assistant state data. The Data Store is similar to a database and allows the storage of valid JSON.

An example of how the Data Store could be used is to store configuration data for the assistant, keeping the configuration data outside of flow and allowing project flows to be assistant agnostic. The data can be retrieved within flow by using the Get Blob Value action.

In addition to the management interface for inserting, editing, and deleting data, there is an API available so that data can be added or removed by a third-party system, allowing data to be pushed to Tenjin for use by the assistant at a later date.

In addition to the static data mentioned above, there is also new queue functionality available to flow, allowing a flow designer to maintain the order data arrives by pushing (enqueue) and popping (dequeue) data to and from a queue; Tenjin supports multiple queues with each queue being user specific, you can only send data to yourself. This is useful when you want to store data via proactive flow and use it at a later date within conversation flow. The Tenjin queues and associated actions work on the principle of first in, first out (FIFO); data is stored and returned in the order it was received.

More information about the Data Store skill is available here:

New Flow Actions

  • Enqueue - Add new data to the end of a named queue (FIFO principle).
  • Dequeue - Retrieve data from the beginning of a named queue (FIFO principle).
  • Get blob Value - Retrieve data from the Data Store using a unique key.

New Declare Variables Flow Action

Useful in Project Flows when you want to use a variable that already exists and have it available for selection within your project flow's actions; primarily applicable to User and Conversation persisted variables, which exist beyond the scope of a single project flow, and you would not want to pass into the flow as an input parameter. Project Flows do not know about variables created outside of the project, for example, in the calling/parent flow, which is why this action was created.

New Flow Action

  • Declare Variables - Informs your project flow that a variable should already exist and makes it available for selection within the flow actions.

ServiceNow Tokyo Certification

The Tenjin ServiceNow application has been certified against the new Tokyo version of ServiceNow, enhancing the compatibility of the Tenjin application across more versions of ServiceNow.

More information about the Tenjin ServiceNow application is available here:

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Stop an error occurring when the Record Journal Entry flow action was used with an unauthenticated user.
  • Make sure all menus within flow remain accessible on small screens. Examples of this are variables and functions within the Assign Variables flow action.
  • Resolve a knowledge save error when there are circular references between question-and-answer pairs.
  • Update the URL knowledge import to reduce the chances of a third party blocking our connection, identifying the import as a 'robot' (non-human interaction).

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