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Release Notes - v2.33 - February 2023

Version: v2.33
Release date: 20 February 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Enhancing Crowdsourcing with Expert Assist

Expert Assist allows a knowledge seeker to ask a question to the wider community if an answer was not found in the knowledge base. Within the community, there are a number of subscribers who have said they are an expert in one or more topics and will be prompted when a new question is asked, or they can browse the Workspace. When an expert has answered a question, the new answer will appear within the Workspace for others to view and the original knowledge seeker, who asked the question, will be notified of the new answer.

To help provide the required functionality to identify subscribers/experts, there is a new administration page where tags and keywords can be managed. These tags and keywords are used automatically when a question is asked to identify the experts. In addition to this, the Workspace has a new area where users can subscribe to one or more tags and identify themselves as an expert.

More information about Expert Assist is available here:

New Flow Actions

  • Notify Tenjin User - Sends a proactive message to the specified Tenjin users.
  • Get Experts - Returns users who have knowledge about the supplied question.

Natural Language Entity Learning

The Natural Language skill has been extended to provide entity learning capabilities. Entity Learning can be used to predict and automatically extract values from a phrase entered by a user talking to your assistant. This is achieved within the Natural Language skill by simply highlighting one or more words within example phrases and assigning a corresponding entity; for example, highlighting a word within a phrase and selecting your Location entity. Once saved, the Natural Language skill starts learning so that it can predict where the Location entity is based on the context within the phrase entered.

More information about Natural Language is available here:

Ability to Search a Specific Knowledge Topic in Flow

The Query Questions and Answers flow action has been extended with the option to search for one or more knowledge custom topics. Originally, this action would always search all of its linked topics, which is still the default, but now the flow designer has the ability to select one or more topics to search, either alongside the linked topics or instead of. This means there is now the ability to filter the query to a smaller number of topics, or query more topics, the flow designer is in complete control and has the flexibility to customize the user's journey based on the direction or earlier selection they may have made.

Flow Action Update

The new options within the Query Questions and Answers flow action are:

  • Query assistant's linked topics
  • Query specific topics

If you would like to query more topics in addition to what's already linked with the assistant, use the 'query specific topics' option whilst the 'query assistant's linked topics' option is enabled.

If you would like to only query a small number of topics, disable 'query assistant's linked topics' and then select the specific topics you require using the 'query specific topics' option.

Variable Redaction

In some scenarios you may want to make sure data used within flow is not exposed in the debugger, such as a password entered by a user within an adaptive card password field (see Adaptive Card v1.5), or a secret phrase used to integrate with a third party. This can now be achieved by using one of the following words as part of your variable name:

  • authorization
  • pass
  • password
  • secret
  • endpointkey
  • apikey
  • token

By using one of these phrases within your variable name - for example: myPassword - the value the variable contains will be replaced within the Conversation History debugger with **Redacted**.

Enable Adaptive Card Version 1.5

The Adaptive Card version Tenjin supports has been incremented to version 1.5. This new version enables a number of new features, with the two main items being:

  1. Password input type, which means the data entered by the user is hidden (see Variable redaction).
  2. Tables layout, which means tabular data can easily be displayed within an adaptive card.

Flow Action Update

The Adaptive Card flow action now supports version 1.5, with more information available within the Microsoft Adaptive Card Designer and the Adaptive Card v1.5 announcement by Microsoft.

Integrate Tenjin OAuth into the Global Flow Variables

OAuth allows anonymous users to login to Tenjin (and other third-party systems), and now their Tenjin user information is available as variables automatically within flow, allowing flow designers to easily access and use that data for actions that require authenticated users; for example, updating recent activity for users or storing their details against other saved data. Data that is available includes the user's unique ID, their name, and email address.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Improve the document search summary information.
  • Increase the validation criteria for file uploads within flow.
  • Display the 'choices' summary in the read-only view of the question action within the flow designer when used for uploading files.
  • Stop an error occurring when users click the back/forward button in their browser whilst the page is still loading.
  • Stop an error occurring under specific scenarios when the date & time selector is used on the analytics/reporting pages.
  • Improve the flow debugger to make sure all variables being used are displayed and not hidden off screen.

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