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Release Notes - v2.32 - January 2023

  • Version: v2.32
  • Release date: 23 January 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Ability to Launch a URL from the Question Flow Action

Utilizing the 'choice from a list' option within the question flow action, flow designers now have the ability to output a link to an external (or internal) website by using the 'expression' choice.

Flow Action Update

There is new 'expression' functionality within the 'Choice from a list' option in the question flow action, which enables the flow designer to specify one or more URLs using JSON, for example:

"type": "url",
"text": "Link text 1",
"url": "https://www.example.com/link1/"
"type": "url",
"text": "Link text 2",
"url": "https://www.example.com/link2/"

Please review the help within the question flow action for more information.

New Option for Displaying Content in an External Window

Flow designers have always been able to output content within the assistant, but following customer feedback, there is a new option to output long content, such as knowledge answers, outside of the assistant within a new browser window.

New Flow Action

To enable flow designers to create a link to the content, there is a new 'Link to content' action. Using the answer returned from the knowledge base, or any content you'd like shown in a new external window, simply pass that information into the action and it will produce a new link for you, which can then be used in a Message action.

Attachment Support (Question Action)

Flow designers now have a new 'files' option that can be selected in the question flow action; they can use this new option to prompt users to upload one or more files through the assistant. As well as the new files option, the flow designer can also include one or more pre-defined choices at the same time as the files option. The ability to add one or more choices was added so that the flow designer can add a cancel option (or similar), meaning the user does not have to upload a file if they have changed their mind.

At the time of this new feature going live, there is a 4MB file limit for the upload, so we would recommend this is mentioned when asking a user to upload a file.

Flow Action Update

There is a new 'Files' item available within the 'Response expected to be' option within the question flow action, which enables the flow designer to prompt a user to upload a file.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Improve the compatibility of the analytic pages with ad blockers, which were stopping the charts from displaying.
  • Improve compatibility with user's locale to make sure the correct regional settings are used.
  • Make sure the 'createdBy' field is set correctly for crowdsourced questions when raised directly from the API.
  • Remove potential conflicts between internal variables and user created variables.
  • Stop adaptive cards from being removed in an MS Teams conversation when a proactive message is received immediately after the adaptive card is displayed.
  • Improve the display of container actions within flow and improve compatibility with long descriptions.
  • Update the layout and readability of the CLU real usage page at different page widths.
  • Update how topics appear in the knowledge workspace widget and truncate long names to avoid display issues.
  • Other minor bug fixes/improvements.

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