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Release Notes - v2.31 - December 2022

  • Version: 2.31
  • Release date: 12 December 2022

New Features and Enhancements

New Dashboard and Improved Analytics

A new tenant dashboard (the tenant's new home page) has been added, summarizing the tenant's usage and activity, making use of clickable user-friendly widgets, which also help guide administrators to information requiring review and/or attention.

Each widget is clickable and allows administrators to interrogate the data, retrieving more detailed data where available. Each graph also has a download option, giving access to a CSV (comma-separated values) file.

As part of the analytics provided, there is new assistant skill-based clickable analytics, allowing direct interrogation of assistant usage, skills, and visitor interactions. The assistant analytics also extends to measurements, grouping all user-created measurements to improve readability, including both summary and detailed views together.

More information about the Dashboard and the analytics it displays is available here:

Workspace Recent Activity Widget

A new recent activity widget has been added to the workspace home page, summarizing the logged-in user's activity within the workspace and assistant (if configured), with a new page listing more detailed information about each activity.

More information about the workspace is available here:

New Flow Action

As part of the recent activity update, a new flow action called 'Record user activity' has been added, allowing flow designers to create their own custom activities within flow that will appear in the workspace if triggered.

Ability to Publish Crowdsourced Knowledge to the Knowledge Base (now known as Expert Assist)

Administrators now have the ability to publish crowdsourced knowledge to the tenant's central knowledge base, making it available to all users searching for answers to their questions.

More information about crowdsourcing and publishing open questions is available here:

Flow Editor Improvements

Following feedback received from flow designers, we have made a number of improvements to the flow editor including, but not limited to:

  • Clear colored highlighting of selected flow actions.
  • Improve the color choice and highlighting of the container flow action.
  • Improve the loop connector lines, clearly highlighting the flow's direction.
  • Utilize the same color and highlighting choices in the flow debug tool for consistency and to also aid debugging.

More information about the flow editor and designing your own flows is available here:

Add Support for Geography in Natural Language 

Add the new geography location prebuilt entity, further extending natural language, allowing flow designers and the assistant to recognize and extract known locations from a conversation, with the added benefit of adding custom locations.

More information about the natural language skill is available here:

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Resolve concurrency issue when unregistering from ServiceNow notifications.
  • Minimize connection timeouts to underlying services by enhancing retries.
  • Minimize accidental project flow overwrites during import by introducing additional validation/warnings.
  • Improve the readability of the natural language charts.
  • Resolve the header variable drop-down within the HTTP flow action so that it appears above the Body variable picker, meaning content is no longer hidden.
  • Other minor bug fixes/improvements.

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