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Release Notes - v2.43 - November 2023

Version: v2.43
Release date: 28 November 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Copy and Paste Flow Actions & Extract Flow Actions to New Project Flow

As our users are making more use of flow and creating their own project flows, it became clear that copy and paste functionality was required. In addition, the ability to easily extract all or part of a flow to a new project flow would help with long-term maintenance; smaller 'one task' project flows are better than a single monolithic flow. We are therefore pleased to say that it is now possible to copy, paste, and extract flow actions, including containers, within the flow designer; pasting what's been copied to the existing flow, a different flow, or extracting the selection to a new project flow with the required input and return parameters automatically created using the variables configured within the actions. When pasting flow actions to an existing or new project flow, click the Add Action icon followed by the paste icon to add the copied flow actions. For more information, please see the inline help.

Enhancements to Webchat Styling Dialog

After the recent introduction of the Webchat Styling Improvements, released in version 2.41 (September 2023), more customizations and improvements to the functionality have been added, including additional styling options when embedding webchat into your own website or application. A summary of the additional styling options added are:

  • Addition of custom font entries; for example, Google Fonts.
  • Support for custom font sizes.
  • Greater customization for link text styling.
  • Webchat maximize options: Full screen, Responsive, Disabled.

Ability to Store Metadata with Expert Assist Questions

Expert Assist has been limited when used by unauthenticated / anonymous users, but this limitation has now been resolved by allowing flow developers and administrators to add key-value pairs as metadata to Expert Assist questions. This new feature allows flow developers to add custom information against questions, which includes, but not limited to, users names and contact information; allowing administrators to follow-up with users if they would like to be proactively notified of the answer to their question, saving the users time by not having to come back to the assistant at a later date to search the knowledgebase again in the hope that their question has been answered and published.

Ability to Use "Test Assistant" as an Anonymous User

During flow development and testing, the test assistant functionality within Tenjin has always executed using the logged-in user's details, which means it has not been possible to test the assistant's interaction with an unauthenticated / anonymous user; for example, when webchat is used on a website. However, it is now possible to test this by selecting the use chat unauthenticated option from the more menu within test assistant, enabling full end-to-end testing of your flows, making sure both authenticated and unauthenticated users receive an error-free experience with your assistant.

Improve Display and Use of QnA Alternative Phrasing

QnA alternative phrases have received an overhaul, maximizing their power and making sure the most relevant questions can be ordered to the top of the list of alternatives. Alternative question phrases work best when there is approximately 5, and ideally no more than 10, so additional messaging has been added to the QnA pages to help guide users with recommendations; there has also been a rewrite of the associated QnA help, explaining alternative phrases in more detail and providing example phrases. Lastly, we have also limited the number of alternative phrases that appear in read-only (non-edit) mode, making the main QnA page more usable and reducing the amount of scrolling required when questions-and-answers have many alternative phrases.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Allow full compatibility of variables within the Query QnA flow action specifically for topics.
  • New file size property added to question (file upload) flow action return values.
  • Ability to utilize a popup when inserting links in editors, allowing the link text and link URL to be entered into two separate inputs.
  • Improve the listing of QnA topics by alphabetizing them within the main QnA screen and the associated flow actions.
  • Resolve Firefox error when selecting a color in the webchat settings popup, which prevented the color picker from being used.
  • When using the Get Transcript flow action in Microsoft Teams, output the requested conversation; it was previously only output in webchat.
  • Improve validation for URLs over 300 characters within the QnA import area.
  • Include more custom fonts within the webchat settings, such as Google Fonts.
  • Improve the layout of the calendar pop-up for points targets so that it is more accessible in small browsers.
  • Allow a larger selection of image sizes within the Image Store functionality.

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