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Release Notes - v2.41 - September 2023

Version: v2.41
Release date: 21 September 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Speed Improvements for Conversation History and Debugging

There have been a number of updates made to improve the development process of assistants and their corresponding flows, removing the delay that used to exist before transcripts appeared within conversation history, and making sure a conversation's flow is immediately available within the debugger; previously there could have been up to a 5-minute delay. In addition to this, there have been a number of improvements including, but not limited to:

  • A new debug button on the test assistant page, which will open a new debug window, meaning you can position the two windows side-by-side and monitor the debug as you interact with your assistant, making sure it functions as expected with immediate feedback. This is the recommended route for near-instant debug.
  • Update to the conversation history page to highlight any conversations containing an error, which the flow developer will need to review and fix within flow. A red exclamation will appear next to any conversations requiring attention. There is also a filter at the top of the page that can be used to only view conversations with errors.
  • There have been a number of additional updates to the conversation history list page, providing more information about each transcript with additional filter options, making it easier to find conversations you're interested in.

Many of these updates were triggered by customer feedback, so please contact us and let us know if these improvements are helping you, along with any further comments you may have.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to this update, how conversations and their related flows are stored has changed, which means you will be unable to access your assistant's conversation history before the 22nd of September 2023. If you require this information, please contact Tenjin Support.

Ability to Edit Badge Points

In the previous release, we introduced new badges and points, with points being awarded for each badge. This has now been further extended by allowing tenant administrators to modify how many points are awarded for each badge. This is another update towards completing our Gamification vision - watch this space for more updates!

Webchat Styling Improvements

An assistant's webchat widget, which can be embedded on your website, has been completely rewritten and now has many improvements including:

  • An easy to use one-line include script.
  • Centrally stored styling options, meaning you can change your chat widget's appearance without having to re-embed the widget on your website; it's all editable and stored within your Tenjin assistant's webchat channel settings.
  • The styling options within Tenjin help you select your colors by providing both a preview and accessibility guidelines / prompts, making sure your chat widget remains accessible for all users.
  • The chat session can now be kept as your users navigate your website, meaning that if they have a conversation with your assistant and then navigate to a different page on your website, the chat popup will still contain their conversation; previously this would have been lost.
  • For advanced users, the ability to fully customize your webchat widget with direct access to the underlying styling code, including an option to revert the styling back to the original values - just in case!

Previously embedded webchat widgets will continue working, but we would strongly recommend upgrading to this new version.

Support for Binary Data and Form Post Content Type in HTTP Flow Action

Following customer feedback, the following updates have been made to the HTTP flow action, allowing more integration options and the ability to send / receive files:

  • New form post content type of "application/x-www-form-urlencoded", which takes a series of name-value pairs.
  • New content type of "application/octet-stream" to support files and binary data.

There is more information about these new options and the HTTP flow action within its help, available by clicking on the help icon (question mark) within the action.

Flow Action Update

  • HTTP - New content type options have been added:
    • application/x-www-form-urlencoded
    • application/octet-stream

Navigate Directly from Flow Designer to Debug

Flow developers are now able to navigate directly to a specific flow action within the flow designer by clicking on the desired item within debug. This therefore means that once the desired flow action or problem has been identified, the flow developer is able to go directly to that item within the flow designer and make the required updates, all with one simple click. This increases the flow developer's productivity by removing the time they used to spend searching for the required action within project / assistant flows.

Improve Sorting and Filtering Persistence for Project Flows

Continuing the work completed in the previous release, further updates have been made to selected sorting and filtering options so that they are persisted and remain as users revisit the pages.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • The 'Create an Expert Assist question' and 'Suggest an Expert Assist answer' options within the Record Badge Progress flow action must award the required badge when selected, with validation appearing when nothing is selected.
  • Selected tags must be retained when navigating between the different screens for creating a new Expert Assist question.
  • Improve validation messaging for project and project flow names.
  • Use the correct button colors within the Data Store and improve the messaging when there are no queues configured.
  • Resolve permission errors with the new Content Admin role.
  • Make sure all external links within help files open a new window when clicked, keeping the Tenjin page open in the background whilst also making sure no unsaved changes are lost.
  • Improve appearance of ordering arrows, making sure they appear closer to their associated column headings, and default ordering is shown.

Additional Information

One of the updates within the next release (v2.42 - November 2023) is the automatic awarding of badges from their corresponding flow actions. Currently, you need to call the required flow action, followed by the Record Badge Progress action, to award the applicable badge; meaning two flow actions are required. The next release will optimize this process by removing the need to call the Record Badge Progress flow action. Therefore, if you are calling any of the flow actions listed below, and you do not want the corresponding badge to be awarded, you must disable the Record Progress option within the applicable flow action on or after the 1st of November 2023.

  • Query QnA
  • Submit QnA Question Suggestion
  • Create Expert Assist Question
  • Create Expert Assist Answer

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