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Release Notes - v2.40 - September 2023

Version: v2.40
Release date: 5 September 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Ability to Store Credentials Securely Whilst Allowing Reuse

Following the launch of the Data Store functionality in March 2023 (v2.34), we have had a number of customers asking us how they can store sensitive information such as integration credentials and API keys within it. Values stored in the Data Store were already encrypted at rest, but now there is a new 'secret' option that will hide the values stored, meaning that they can be overwritten but not viewed, whilst still being available for use within flow. Simply enter the information you need to store within the Data Store, and then enable the new 'secret' switch.

Configurable Search Options for Document Search

Improvements have been made to the Query Documents flow action to improve its search capabilities, allowing flow developers to select what content is searched, whether that's the file's content, associated keywords, and/or the filename. This update has been made following customer feedback, utilizing search results from their documents, and better understanding where improvements can be made.

Flow Action Update

  • Query Documents - New search criteria options added: file content, keywords, filename and description.

Gamification Points and New Badges

Tenjin's Gamification has had several improvements made, working towards a points-based rewards solution that incentivizes knowledge gathering and knowledge improvement. This release has introduced both new and repeatable badges, with each badge having a number of points associated with them. This is the first step towards several exciting changes, all of which will be contained in future release notes.

Ability to Favorite Flow Actions

Following user feedback, flow developers can now mark actions as 'favorite' within the flow designer, making it easier to find those actions in the future from the flow properties panel; flow properties are available either from the toolbar by clicking on the cog icon, or by clicking on the flow properties action at the top of project flows.

New Content Admin role

A new Content Admin role has been added, which allows new administration users to have access to manage QnA, Expert Assist, and Document knowledge; but without any of the assistant configuration, such as flow and skills. This further extends Tenjin's user security, only allowing access to the areas that users need.

Improve Sorting and Filtering Persistence for Project Flows

Selected sorting and filtering options on the project flow page are now persisted and will therefore remain as users revisit the page.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Make sure selected filters are retained as users navigate between pages containing lists of information.
  • Resolve issue where the 'x' (close) button within the user notifications panel was not working; user notifications is available from the user's name drop-down in the top-right.
  • Update the help associated with OpenAI to make sure the max tokens and temperature information is clearer and easier to understand for all users, including the values that can be used, type, minimum and maximum values.
  • Improve the UI for Expert Assist question-and-answer publishing to help the user select a topic and make it easier to see the error highlighting when a topic has not been selected.
  • Add a highlight to the filter button on the Expert Assist page, making it clear when a filter has been selected.
  • Improve the flow action help information to make it clearer when actions have been deprecated.
  • Improve the maximum size error messaging for document uploads.

Additional Information

As part of this deployment, the storage mechanism for conversation history has changed, which means you will be unable to access your assistant's conversation history before the 6th of September 2023. If you require this information, please contact Tenjin Support.

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