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Release Notes - v2.39 - August 2023

Version: v2.39
Release date: 8 August 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Azure OpenAI Flow Action

Tenjin now has the capability to harness the power of OpenAI's ChatGPT; this means you can find answers to questions, summarize text, and analyze sentiment, just to name a few examples. Within the flow designer, there are new flow actions that give you the capability of single one-off actions, such as summarizing text or asking simple questions, up to the more conversational chat completion flow action, which allows you to ask follow-up questions whilst maintaining the history of the conversation for context. The options for the flow developer within Tenjin are endless, and the best way to see how powerful these new flow actions are to try them! Please contact us and share your feedback, we'd love to hear about the solutions you're building along with any feedback you may have.

New Flow Actions

  • Single Completion - Use ChatGPT to generate a single completion from a string / one-hit action, such as text summarization, classifying text, analyzing sentiment, or the answer to a simple question.
  • Assign Chat Completion Messages - Assign a messages array, which can later be used in the chat completion flow action, giving the flow developer not only the ability to prepare a new conversation, but also maintain the history of a conversation.
  • Chat Completion - Once an array of messages has been prepared using the assign chat completion messages flow action, including the system prompt (how the chatbot should behave), any history of the conversation, along with the question being asked by the user, the chat completion action will send the information to ChatGPT and return its response.

Flow Action Update

  • Get Transcript - A new version of the Get Transcript flow action has been released, making it easier to use the conversation history with the new OpenAI functionality. This therefore means the previous version of this flow action is now deprecated and will be removed in a future release of Tenjin. You must update your flows to use the new version of the Get Transcript flow action; the main change to be aware of is:
    • The return variable used to be an object but is now an array.

If you are unsure if any of your flows use deprecated flow actions, please get in touch.

Add New Expert Assist Question & Optional Answer in Workspace

Users have always been able to search and review Expert Assist questions and answers in the Workspace but have not been able to ask new questions. However, they now can!

It is now possible for users to ask a new Expert Assist question within the workspace, as well as provide an optional answer. By providing an answer, this is useful if your employees want to help populate Expert Assist with their personal knowledge, or if they're looking to confirm that their answer is correct, whilst also sharing their knowledge with their colleagues.

Within the workspace there is a new Ask a Question button at the top of the page that gives the users the ability to ask their question, provide an optional answer, and allocate one or more tags; Tenjin will attempt to pre-populate the tags using the Expert Assist tags and keywords already configured. By allocating tags, it controls the groups of subscribers that are notified.

Expert Assist Publishing to QnA - Summarizing Answers

Further improvements have been made to the Expert Assist publishing to QnA functionality; it now summarizes all the Expert Assist answers selected for publishing into one succinct QnA answer. This replaces the previous functionality which simply concatenated the selected answers into one long string and therefore makes it quicker and easier for the Administrator to publish answered Expert Assist questions to QnA.

As part of this new feature, new filters have been added to the list of Expert Assist questions, making it easier to identify Expert Assist questions published to QnA, along with easier filtering on tags, including 'my tags' (the tags the user has subscribed to).

Search Expert Assist Before Creating New Questions

As a way of improving the quality of Expert Assist by reducing duplicate questions, new questions asked in both the workspace and administration areas are checked against existing content, with a list of matching questions presented to the user before they create their new question. By automatically searching existing content, it should help reduce the number of duplicate questions within Expert Assist, help users find answers to their questions, and improve the overall quality of Expert Assist search results.

Flow Action to Return Document Contents

Returning the full contents of a document returned by a knowledge search has been made possible by the introduction of the new Get Document Content flow action. At present, the query documents flow action will return an excerpt of a document stored within the assistant's document search skill, along with its filename, and this new action gives the flow developer the capability to return the full contents of the document by simply supplying its filename to the new action. The contents of the document are returned as a string and stored within the specified variable for use later.

New Flow Action

  • Get Document Content - By supplying a filename, the full contents of a document stored within an assistant's document search skill are returned.

Ability to Know if a Project Flow is in Use

Up until now, it's been too easy to delete or update a project flow without knowing if it's being called by an assistant or another project flow, unknowingly and unintentionally breaking flows within Tenjin. This uncertainty has now been removed by the introduction of:

  1. A new Flow Properties panel containing tabs for the following:
    1. Input and return properties for project flows. *
    2. Searchable list of hierarchical actions contained within the flow.
    3. List of other flows that call the selected flow (flow currently open within the designer). *
  2. Additional information within the delete prompt, informing you if the flow is in use.
  3. Improved linking between flows to highlight incompatibilities, such as unset input or return parameters.

The flow properties panel can either be opened by clicking on the cog within the grey flow designer toolbar, or by clicking on the flow properties action at the top of project flows.

* The welcome, conversation, and proactive flows do not contain input or return parameters, and cannot be called by other flows; therefore, they do not contain these tabs.

Improve the UX of the Call Project Flow Action

Following user feedback, we have updated the Call Project Flow action within the flow designer.

As our customers were developing flows and expanding their flow libraries, it became difficult to find and select the required project flow. We have therefore rebuilt the user interface for this flow action to make it much easier to find the required project flow, using a simple list of projects that can be expanded to show the flows. Each project flow also now includes its name, description, and icon for easier identification.

Please do try the new Call Project Flow action and let us know what you think by contacting support, has it made it easier for you to find external flows?

Flow Action Update

  • Call Project Flow - New improved design for finding and selecting a project flow.

Improvements to Help and Support Capabilities

There has been a large improvement made to accessing help throughout Tenjin, including new navigation within the flow help popup, allowing users to browse all the help articles available, with additional links to the Tenjin Help Center and Tenjin Support added. In addition, the help articles have been reviewed and updated, including the introduction of new page-specific articles to areas of Tenjin.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Resolve issue with the transcript option within conversation history, which did not work upon first attempt, but did work if the user tried a second time.
  • Make sure the clear filters functionality in the Workspace also clears any selected tags, improve performance and overall layout.
  • Optimize the responsiveness of entering a new Expert Assist question in Microsoft Teams.
  • It is unclear what's required when downloading a Microsoft Teams manifest file, so the page has been updated to make it more user friendly.
  • Fix an issue where the wrong paging icons were appearing specifically on an iPad, but no other browsers or devices.
  • Improve the user experience within the Data Store Queue page by adding a placeholder to the queue drop-down and updating the message when no results are returned because a queue has not been selected.

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