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Release Notes - v2.38 - July 2023

Version: v2.38
Release date: 11 July 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Search Expert Assist

Flow developers now have the ability to search Expert Assist, expanding Tenjin's existing search capabilities of QnA and documents. Within the flow designer, there is now a comprehensive set of flow actions within the knowledge section covering all the capabilities a flow developer would need to provide a user with an answer to their question, no matter what source material was used.

In addition to sourcing answers from Expert Assist, this new flow action also provides extra information including details of the user that raised the question and the users that provided the answers; the number of votes each question and answer has been awarded; the accepted answer, meaning the answer was deemed the most appropriate; the tags associated with a question; and whether the currently logged-in user is a follower of the question. There is more information about the data returned within the Query Expert Assist help file.

New Flow Action

  • Query Expert Assist - Query Expert Assist questions and answers, storing the result in a variable for use later. Details returned include the matched questions and who raised them, answers, who provided the answer, if the question has an accepted answer, tags, vote information, and if the current user is a follower of the question.

Expert Assist Publishing to QnA

The process of publishing Expert Assist questions and answers to QnA has been improved by a new workflow that makes it much easier for a Tenant Admin to promote one or more answers to a single accepted answer within QnA. Administrators can navigate to an Expert Assist question, select one or more user-provided answers, which are then concatenated into a single answer within QnA; the administrator can then update the answer quickly before saving it as a new question-and-answer pair within QnA.

This is just the first step towards optimizing the publishing process, with more updates to come in future releases.

Microsoft Teams Integration - Tabs & Command Menu Options

The Microsoft Teams app has been enhanced by allowing configurable tabs and commands, as summarized below:

  • Custom Tabs - Custom tabs allow web content to be exposed within the Tenjin Teams app. This content will be the same for all users and can include (for example) a tab to your company's website or internal portal.
  • Commands - A list of commands that your assistant will suggest to users, helping them by starting a new conversation or guiding them if they need more help.

Ability to Update WebChat Secret

When your assistant is embedded on your website, it uses a unique secret as its identifier, which is how Tenjin knows it's your assistant and responds accordingly. As your website is public-facing, available to everyone, there may come a time when you'd like to regenerate the secret prior to republishing your assistant. This new feature provides administrators with this capability, via the assistant's channel section, within the WebChat menu in the top-right corner: Regenerate Secret.

Renewing your assistant's secret will invalidate any current uses, so we would recommend making sure you know all the locations where your assistant is in use before regenerating the secret so that they can be updated with the new WebChat script / iframe (and new secret).

There is more information about publishing your assistant on the web here:

Improvements to Flow Designer

We're always listening to our customer's feedback, and with this in mind, we have made two improvements to the flow designer:

  1. A new icon has been added to flow action inputs that require an expression to make sure they're clearly identifiable.
  2. Boundaries have been added to the flow designer canvas so that a user's flow will no longer disappear from view, there will always be part of it available so that it can be dragged back into view.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Update drop-down menus so that they are always fully accessible at all browser window sizes.
  • Disallow spaces within Expert Assist tags and keywords because they were not being ignored during the expert matching process.
  • Make sure popup dialogs appear in the order they were opened so that required content always remains visible, not hidden behind another popup dialog.
  • Improve workspace styling and logged-in session timeout within Microsoft Teams.

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