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Release Notes - v2.37 - June 2023

Version: v2.37
Release date: 13 June 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Follow an Expert Assist Question

Workspace users now have the ability to follow an Expert Assist question, receiving a notification each time a new answer is submitted. As part of this update, all users, including the person that created the new question, have the opportunity to both follow and unfollow a question.

Within the administration area, tenant admins are able to view the number of followers each Expert Assist question has, including a list of who the followers are.

New Flow Actions

  • Follow Expert Assist Question - Set the logged-in user as a follower to the specified question so that they receive a notification each time the question receives a new answer.
  • Unfollow Expert Assist Question - Remove the logged-in user as a follower for the specified question so that they no longer receive notifications.

Microsoft Teams Improvements, Including Group Chat Capabilities

A number of improvements have been made to the Microsoft Teams assistant integration, as listed below:

  • Reduce the number of values required when exporting a manifest file, which also includes the automatic generation of the version number, layout improvements, and removal of unnecessary inputs.
  • Save the values entered for the manifest file so that any customizations do not need to be re-entered the next time the manifest file is downloaded.
  • Add new scopes to the manifest download, enabling the following new integration options: Team, Meeting, and Chat. These three options are in addition to the original 'direct chat' option.
  • Additional updates have been made to support group chat (one or more members within the chat); these are:
    • Remove the welcome message.
    • Automatically remove the Tenjin assistant name from the conversation if it's mentioned directly, making it easier for the flow developer to handle responses.

User Names and Avatars

Users can now see their colleagues' names and avatars / profile pictures, as sourced from either Microsoft, LinkedIn, or Google; dependent upon the method of login. Each user's name will replace where their email address was shown previously and further enhances and personalizes both the workspace and administration areas of Tenjin.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Resolve inconsistent spacing in the flow action editor within flow designer.
  • Improve clickable area within the add flow action toolbar.
  • Improve workspace usability within the Microsoft Teams mobile app.
  • Allow Expert Assist answers to be deleted when they have one or more votes associated with them.
  • Make sure collapsed containers are expanded if a flow action within them has an error, making it easier for flow developers to find the validation error.
  • Make sure collapsed containers are always expanded within the flow debugger, making it easier for users to follow the user's journey within flow.

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