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Release Notes - v2.36 - May 2023

Version: v2.36
Release date: 16 May 2023

New Features and Enhancements

Expert Assist Voting

Workspace users now have the ability to vote up or down Expert Assist questions and answers. A user can vote once per question and once per answer, including the ability to either undo or change their vote. All votes are displayed both within the workspace and administration area.

Ability to Easily Identify Expert Assist Questions with No Tags

To help a Tenant Admin improve Expert Assist, they can now filter questions to only those with no tags. This therefore means they can review the questions with an aim of adding new tags and keywords, which in turn means experts can start subscribing to those new tags and contribute to the knowledge within Tenjin.

Container Flow Action - Collapse & Expand

Following customer feedback, the container flow action can now be collapsed and expanded; starting collapsed when a flow is opened for editing. As the container flow action is used more to logically group actions together, allowing it to be collapsible means flows become more manageable as they are edited, with only one item appearing for one operation, no matter how many actions are required to perform the operation.

Flow Designer UX Improvements

A number of improvements have been made within the flow designer and on the project flow listing page, a summary of which is below.

  • The flow listing page has been updated to include a standard tabular layout, which allows the flows to be listed by name or last edited date and time.
  • Within the flow designer, the add action / edit action panel on the right-hand side has been given a complete overhaul. The actions list has been restructured, including a new help file summarizing all the flow actions; new colors to clearly distinguish the different categories and their actions; and the help, rename, and delete functionality is now easier to access.
  • For each flow action that outputs data, an example has been added to their associated help file, providing an example that can be easily accessed, demonstrating all the values returned, and making the overall flow development process quicker.

QnA Management Improvements

A number of improvements have been made within the tenant's QnA management pages and the assistant's QnA skill, a summary of which is below.

  • Ability to link a topic to one or more assistants from the tenant's topic list page, which means you can now link assistants and topics together from both sides; the tenant and assistant pages. Previously, topics could only be linked from the assistant QnA skill. There is also a summary of all linked assistants against each topic; each linked assistant's icon appears against the topic.
  • Following feedback from customers with lots of topics, all topics are listed alphabetically and there is now the ability to search topics in both the tenant QnA and assistant QnA pages, making content easier and quicker to find.
  • The Query functionality has been updated and is now accessible from both the tenant QnA and assistant QnA pages, including the ability to query one or more topics, giving complete flexibility over the content queried.
  • There is a new description field for topics, which gives users the ability to add a descriptive summary of the topic's content and purpose, helping other users when they are managing QnA content.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Improve the search highlighting on the QnA management page so that answers containing the searched-for phrase are highlighted correctly.
  • Due to a recent MS Teams change, update the thumbs up / down functionality so that it continues to get recorded correctly.
  • Improve feedback messages when a user has multiple windows open, the message now appears in the correct window.
  • Remove duplicated and unnecessary information by excluding the user that triggered a proactive flow from being notified.
  • Add the selected answer details to the output of the "Get Expert Assist Question & Answers" flow action.
  • Make sure selected filters are saved within the Expert Assist administration list pages and reapplied after viewing a question.

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