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Workspace Overview

Tenant Admin Workspace


The Workspace area brings all your organization's knowledge together. Within the workspace, you can find a list of all assistants associated with your Tenant.  You have the option of making an assistant available to your tenant users by publishing it within the workspace.  

You can view the status of your knowledge. And provide your tenant users a link to the user's workspace.  

Users Workspace

The user's workspace is divided into different sections.

My Badges

Badges are awarded for completing tasks within the system like adding an open question within crowdsourcing. Select 'Go to my Badges' displays a list of all badges available plus what percentage of each badge you have achieved.   

Recent Activity

Recent Activity provides an audit of what you have been working on. Selecting 'View all activities' provides a selection option and date range option to search and drill into each item.


Export Assist

Expert Assist: If a member of your community posts a question that does not have an answer, they have the ability to post an “Open question”, asking their peers if they know the answer. A moderator will review all open questions and decide if the suggested answers should be posted to the knowledge base, plugging these gaps proactively.

Displayed is a list of all open questions that have been asked. You can drill into each open question to see a list of suggested answers. Here, you have the option to add a suggested answer to the open question. 

You can add an open question to the list by pressing the '+ Ask Question' button. 


When you type your question, if you believe you may have a suggested answer, turn on the 'Suggest and answer' button to enter your suggestion. 

Tenant admins will administer the open questions, deciding on the correct answer and adding the open question to the QnA knowledgebase. 

Export Assist for Tenjin Admins



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