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QnA: How do I set up and use the QnA skill

The Question and Answer Skill, QnA Skill, uses Microsoft’s QnA Maker service allowing you to create a natural conversation layer over your data. Answers can prompt responses from the user that can make up a conversational flow.

Each knowledge base can contain many questions and answers. Alternative phrasing for a question is also available giving the admin the ability to pair a number of questions and phrases with a single answer.

The Skill allows QnA pairs to have follow-on QnA's as well as actions linked to them based on the question pre-empting the user's needs. 

This article shows you how to set up the QnA skill.

It covers the following topics 


Adding the Question and Answers Skill

  1. Click the ellipsis (three dots) button, top right on your screen followed by Add Skill.
  2. Click Add QnA Skill from the list of skills displayed.
  3. Once created select the skill to view.
  4. Click on Add Knowledge Base. The number of knowledge bases you are able to ass is dependent on your subscription, please contact your account manager or support for further assistance.  
  5. Enter the details required. Click OK to save.
  6. Once your knowledge base is created, click the ellipsis (three dots) button, and select Edit
  7. You will see the QnA home page where you can add, and edit your QnA pairs.

Topics - Topics are groupings of QnA pairs. QnA's can be moved across topics

  1. Click Add Topic.
  2. Enter the details required. Click OK to save. 

Create a QnA pair

  1. Click +Add.
  2. Enter the question in the Q box and the answer in the A box.
  3. Click OK to save.

Edit your QnA pair 

You can edit a QnA pair to add alternative phrasing, Follow-on prompts, Action Links, and Metadata.

  1. Click the Edit button by the QnA pair to edit. Click OK to save.

Delete a QnA pair

You can delete QnA pairs individually or in bulk by Topic.

  1. To delete in bulk by topic, click the Delete button at the topic level. Click Ok to confirm.
  2. To delete individually, click the Delete button beside the QnA. Click OK to confirm. 


Filter to changes: Showing the changes made since the last save.

Filter to suggestions: The QnA is based on the Azure bot framework giving Tenjin the ability to incorporate machine learning. If a question gets asked a lot, and it does not have a good answer, then Tenjin will make it a 'suggestion'. Tenjin will make its best guess about which answer the question should be assigned. It will generally not be sure about this and will suggest several answers as a possible home for the question.

You should look at the suggestions, if one of the answers is a good match, add it as a question for the answer. If none of the answers is a good match for the question, you should add it as a new question and fill in a suitable answer.


Amending the matching threshold percentage

When a user query is matched against a knowledge base, QnA Maker returns relevant answers, along with a confidence score. This score indicates the confidence that the answer is the right match for the given user query. We recommend a match threshold percentage of 25%.   

Detailed inline help is available describing confidence score, score value, and score meaning. 

  1. From your QnA home page, select the pen icon or click the ellipsis (three dots) button against your knowledge base name.  
  2. Select Properties from the drop-down list. 
  3. Edit the matching threshold percentage field. 
  4. Detail inline help is available through the Help button. 

Querying QnA

  1. Click the Query button from the top of your knowledge base home screen.

    The query button lets you query the knowledge base with the same natural language processing that the assistant uses.

    The assistant will not show the result of a query unless the score exceeds the match threshold. The query dialog shows the score for a query, the match threshold, and whether it would be included in the assistant's results.

    Often an expected result is not shown in the assistant because its score does not exceed the match threshold. You can use Query dialog to check if this is the case. If you do not get a good match to your question, consider adding it as an alternative phrasing to the correct answer.

  2. Type in a question to see what results the assistant will show, Click Query. 
  3. Results displayed. Here you will see what answer will be returned to the user and the match score of that answer. This enables the admin of the system to make changes to the QnA pair in order to enable the users to find answers with ease.
  4. Inline Help is available. 

Knowledge Base maintenance 

  1. Click the ellipsis (three dots) button beside your knowledge base within your assistant page. 
  2. Click Edit to maintain and add QnA skills.
  3. Click Manage Topics to show a list of all topics.
  4. Click Delete to delete your knowledge base.
  5. Click Backup from File to save the contents of your knowledge base.
  6. Click Restore to File to retrieve a stored knowledge base.  

Testing your QnA skill

  1. From your assistant page click the Test Assistant button

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