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Debuging Flow

Debugging Flow allows you to review the path a user took through your flow. As mentioned previously an audit of executed flows is stored in the History tab in your workspace. When Debug is selected against an audit entry in your history list, you will be stepping through the flow that was saved when the action took place. 

Debugging a Flow

  1. Within the History tab, click the ellipsis (three dots) button, far right, against the audit entry you wish to debug.
  2. Click Debug. mceclip1.png
    The screen is divided into different sections.
  3. In the top left, is the transcript of the flow. Click any action in the transcript window will start the debugger at that point. 
  4. In the bottom left, are the variables that pass through the flow.
  5. The upper right of the screen, lists the flows being called with a drop-down list also available. 
    • Click Step Into to start the step-by-step path that was taken during this flow. 
    • Click Step over to skip an action. 
    • Click Restart to start the debugging from the beginning of the flow.
    • Click Step out to move you to the end of an action and back to the caller mark in the flow.
    • Click Run to run the flow from the start.
    • Click Run, then Run to breakpoint, which will run the flow to the breakpoint selected/ marked in the code. To make a breakpoint, click the top right corner of the code box. A red dot will appear.mceclip0.png
    • Detailed inline help is available from the Help button.

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