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How to publish an Assistant in Microsoft Teams

A Tenjin Assistant can be uploaded as a Microsoft Teams app, allowing users to communicate with the assistant in the same way they would message other users within Teams.

For this to work, a configuration file, known as a "manifest" needs to be generated and uploaded to Microsoft Teams.


This article will show you how to:


Add the channel

  1. To generate the teams channel, press the ellipsis (three dots) button and select Channels.
  2. Click Add Channel.
  3. In Teams Channel, click Add Channel.Click on dialog

 Generating Manifest File

  1. Once the Teams channel has been added, click Download Manifest File

Set the properties of the Teams app

A form is displayed to allow you to set the properties of the Teams app and how its name and description will be presented to users in Teams. Some of the information will be shown in the app's "About" screen.

The first half of the screen deals with the manifest information that needs to be captured. The following fields need to be entered. 

Short Name, the name of the Bot - this is the equivalent of the name a user sees for a Contact in Teams.
Full Name
Accent Colour
Short Description
Full Description

The second half covers the developers details, with the following field the need to be entered.

Developer Details
Website URL
Privacy URL
Terms of Use URL

The icon configured for your assistant will be displayed against the app in Teams.

Click Download to generate the MSTeamsManifest-...Zip file

Registering the Tenjin assistant as a Teams App

For testing purposes, the app can be registered on an individual basis by "sideloading' the Tenjin Assistant app within Teams.
In Teams, select Apps from the side bar

Then select Upload a custom app


To make the assistant available to many users, the Manifest file will need to be registered by those responsible for the application management of Teams within your organization.


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