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What skills can I add to my Assistant?

A skill is an integration / add-on that enables additional functionality. Skills, such as QnA (knowledge bases) and Document Search, can be added to enhance your assistant to provide users with more content or access to other services, such as ServiceNow.

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QnA is an abbreviation for Question and Answer, which is a skill that allows administrators to build one or more knowledge bases that their users can query to access information and answers to commonly asked questions. Answers can be further enhanced by including follow-on actions, such as additional information, documents, forms within ServiceNow, or links to other resources. How to add the QnA (Question & Answer) skill

Document Search

Document Search is skill that enables Tenant Admins to upload documents / files, allowing the content to be queried and, when it matches a user's question, downloaded. How to add the Document Search skill

Tenjin Forms

Tenjin Forms enables the creation of custom forms, requesting information from users that can then be sent to a third party solution, such as requesting incident information for ServiceNow or holiday requests for a HR system. How to add the Tenjin Forms skill

Agent Handoff

On the rare occasion where a user is unable to find an answer to their query from the information collated within Tenjin, there is a skill available that will integrate with third party solutions such as ServiceNow Agent Chat, Quickwork Chat, or Freshchat (to name three examples) that will enable your users to talk to a human. The Agent Handoff skill is configurable and allows integration with many Agent chat solutions. How to add the Agent Handoff skill


Many third party solutions allow OAuth as a secure login mechanism. Tenjin supports OAuth and enables users to securely login to third party solutions so that they can access information specific to their user account, such as ServiceNow incidents or Azure Active Directory supported solutions. How to add the OAuth skill

Front Office

The Front Office skills allows integration with the Front Office software solution, a self-service multi-lingual catalog solution used by Enterprises around the globe. How to add the Front Office skill


The ServiceNow skill integrates with the Enterprise digital workflow solution going by the same name - ServiceNow - connecting people, functions, and systems across your organisation. The ServiceNow skill allows users to query knowledge, complete ServiceNow forms, raise new incidents, view and comment on incidents, as well as being informed of incident updates. ServiceNow functionality is constantly being expanded upon, and we will shortly be integrating with ServiceNow catalogs, allowing users to raise new requests / orders. How to add the ServiceNow skill

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