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Forms: Set up and Maintain the Tenjin Forms Skill

Tenjin forms allow you to imbed small inline forms in the chat interface which is a great way to collect structured information from the user.

The form can be configured to post data to a third party via an external webhook which will return further information back into the chat

The following topics are covered

Adding the Tenjin Form Skill

  1. Click the ellipsis (three dots) button, top right on your screen followed by Add Skill.
  2. Click Add Tenjin Form Skillfrom the list of skills displayed.

Adding a Custom Form

  1. Click Add Custom Form to create a new form.
  2. Enter the details for the fields displayed.
  3. Clicking Add Question to create the layout of your form. Clicking save when done.;
  4. If you wish to connect this form to a third party, click the ellipsis (three dots) button and select Configure Subscriber.Enter the necessary information. Click OK to save.
  5. Inline Help is available.

Edit or Delete your Tenjin Form Skill

To Edit or Delete your Tenjin Form Skill, Click the ellipsis (three dots) button followed by the option you require.

Editing or Deleting a Custom Form

To Edit or Delete a custom form, Click the ellipsis (three dots) button;from within your Tenjin Form Skill. Select the option you require.

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