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Release Notes - v2.50 - 11th June 2024

  • Version: v2.50
  • Release date: 11th June 2024

New Features and Enhancements

Document Search Skill Enhancements

We have continued the Document Search Skill enhancements by further improving the user interface for customers that use documents as part of their knowledge source by:

  • Allowing multiple files to be uploaded at the same time, removing the previous limitation of 10.
  • Ability to download all document search files within a single ZIP file.
  • Invalid documents are now made more visible and easier to find, with improved feedback provided.
  • There is now the ability to query documents and document chunks within the skill, similar to the topic query functionality that exists within QnA.

An added benefit of allowing multiple files to be downloaded and uploaded within the document search skill is that it makes copying files between assistants easier and quicker; examples being the same files used in multiple assistants or promoting files from a development assistant to a production one.

There are more document search improvements scheduled for future releases, so we would recommend reviewing upcoming release notes.

Ability to Redeem Points

The ability for your users to redeem their points can be enabled or disabled, and when enabled this functionality becomes available within the Workspace. This has been setup so that it can easily be integrated with your chosen rewards platform, allowing seamless and automated integration with Tenjin. There are full instructions within the points redemption administration page to help with your integration, but if you need any help, or you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Allow the Content Admin role to manage linking of QnA topics with assistants.
  • Certification of the ServiceNow skill for the latest Washington release.
  • Allow project flows to support a greater number of nested flow actions.
  • Improve the terminology used within flow for consistency.
  • Improve the terminology used within the document search skill's file type filter.
  • Make sure the file type filter within the document search skill is always updated as files are added and removed.
  • Make sure all allowed file types are displayed correctly within the document search skill.
  • Constrain the tabular layout when Data Store values are very wide, to stop content disappearing to the far right.
  • Improve the result counts and associated messaging when Data Store import-export / backup-restore is used.
  • When Data Store values are empty, display them as empty in the management pages to help with the new import-export functionality.
  • Provide more information within the Workspace so that users are informed that only the most recent 90 days of activities are displayed.
  • Resolve a layout issue when the Workspace contains more than one row of tags within the filter.

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