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Release Notes - v2.49 - 14th May 2024

  • Version: v2.49
  • Release date: 14th May 2024

New Features and Enhancements

Assistant Data Store Export & Import / Backup & Restore

Data Store values can now be downloaded in two different ways from within the assistant Data Store skill, each one having a different use:

  1. Backup
  2. Export

Backup & Restore

Backup is primarily used to save all your assistant's Data Store values for restoration in the future; for example, after changing one or more values and realising you have made a mistake, you could revert to your backup. It may also be used to duplicate the values from one assistant to another. Backup will make a complete copy of all the values, including all secret values, encrypting them using the password you enter as part of the backup process.

The complete overwrite on restore limits its usefulness in some scenarios, which is where export and import can be used.

Export & Import

Exports are useful for migrating values from one assistant to another, a common scenario being the migration of changes from a UAT or development assistant to a production assistant. The key part of export-import is that it will not overwrite secret values or 'import resistant' values on the target system.

Secret values are not overwritten as part of an import, but if those Data Store items do not exist on the target assistant, the keys will be created with a blank value. You can quickly find the blank values by setting the 'empty' filter at the top of the page to 'yes', allowing you to go through each item and add the required value.

The import resistant setting is useful for protecting integration settings, such as those that connect your Tenjin assistant to a third-party solution, where you may have different integration settings for development, testing, and / or production.

LLM Skill - Support for Anthropic

Following the work completed in the earlier v2.47 release, the LLM skill has been enhanced to include support for Anthropic, providing more flexibility for your large language models, and allowing you to bring your Anthropic account to Tenjin as an alternative to Open AI.

Document Search Skill Enhancement - Replace an Existing Document

Following feedback from customers, it is now easier to replace an existing document within your assistant's document search skill. Previously, users had to remove an existing document and then upload the updated version, making it a two-step process, whereas now you can simply select the replace option against an existing document and upload the updated version. For those customers with hundreds of documents to manage, this update makes the process quicker and easier.

Flow - Allow Data Store Values to be Accessed Directly Within Flow Actions

When using Data Store values in the flow designer, users would have to use the Get Data Store Blob Value flow action to retrieve the Data Store value before they were then able to use it elsewhere within their flow; this has now been made easier! All flow actions that use variables can now access both the tenant and assistant Data Store directly, meaning flow developers no longer have to use the Get Data Store Blob Value flow action, which in turn simplifies their flows (less flow actions) and makes it quicker to develop both project and assistant flows. To access the Data Store within flow actions, simply click on the magic wand icon, and the magic will happen!

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Ability to easily browse conversation history by introducing next and previous buttons on the conversation page, meaning you no longer have to go back to the list page.
  • Increase the depth of flow actions, allowing greater nesting.
  • Include result counts for tabular data.
  • Improve instructions for the SMS channel so that it is clearer what phone number must be used.
  • Make sure the SMS channel is identifiable within conversation history, it must not display as unknown.
  • Improve the layout of the Expert Assist question pop-up when used on small screens, both for viewing and editing.
  • Make sure long LLM and OAuth configuration names appear correctly on small screens.
  • Make sure long topic names appear correctly in QnA on small screens and the filter always remains visible.
  • Reinstate the highlighting in the flow designer when viewed within the flow debugger because it does not appear when an action is selected.
  • Reinstate the Data Store expand icon on the list page because it has stopped appearing for large values.
  • Make sure validation errors are displayed and the pop-up dialog remains open when editing user roles.

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