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Release Notes - v2.48 - 9th April 2024

  • Version: v2.48
  • Release date: 9th April 2024

New Features and Enhancements

New Webchat Hosted Channel

Tenjin has always officially supported Webchat and Microsoft Teams as communication channels, along with the recently introduced SMS channel; Webchat Hosted is the next officially supported channel for all your assistants.

The new Webchat Hosted channel is perfect for scenarios where you need the assistant to appear full screen in a browser window, such as a mobile / tablet device, maximising all the space available within the browser (and device) window, and making it very easy for your users to see the full conversation.

To add the new Webchat Hosted channel, navigate to your assistant's dashboard and click on the Channels icon followed by the Add Channel button, which will give you the ability to add the new Webchat Hosted channel. Once added, you can edit the styling options for how you would like your assistant to appear, then copy and paste the URL into your browser to chat to your assistant.

Ability to Find Documents Easily Within Document Search Management Page

There have been several improvements made to the document search / document management page to make files easier to find. These improvements include:

  • Filename search.
  • File type filter.
  • Status filter.
  • Column sorting, covering:
    • File type.
    • Filename.
    • Status.
    • Created date.
    • File size.
  • Clearer and more visible error messages for uploads and indexing.

Flow - Global Variable Containing Microsoft Teams User Data

A new global variable has been added in the flow designer to help flow developers that manage Microsoft Teams flows to identify their users and personalise their messages. The data for the logged-in Teams user includes their name and email address.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Allow the duration that the Wait flow action pauses the flow to be customisable, allowing values from 0.5 to 30 seconds.
  • Warn the user when uploading a file with the same name as one that already exists in the Document Search skill because it will overwrite it.
  • Improve the results and 'no results' Expert Assist feedback to help users when searching with partial words.
  • Improve the layout of the Expert Assist and Users sections on small screens, making sure content remains usable and readable.
  • Improve pop-up tooltips on small screens, making sure they appear in the correct location.
  • Improve flow pop-up variable menu so that it can cater for many variables at different screen sizes.
  • Improve language consistency, replacing 'main' with 'conversation' in flow actions and flow properties.
  • Update the default welcome message in flow so that it no longer asks a question; this will not impact existing assistants, only new ones.
  • Resolve a discrepancy between the session values shown in the dashboard versus the number of conversations that appear in conversation history.

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