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LLM: How to Set up and Use the LLM Skill

The Large Language Model skill gives you the ability to connect your assistant to:

  • Azure OpenAI Completion
    • Azure OpenAI Embedded
    • Tenjin Azure OpenAI Completion
  • Anthropic

More connections will be coming soon.

The following topics are covered:

Adding the LLM Skill

  1. Within your assistant, click the Add Skill button.
  2. Click Add LLM Skill from the list of skills displayed.
  3. If you do not see the option to add the LLM skill, please contact us because it may not be enabled for your account.

Deleting your LLM Skill

  1. Within your LLM Skill, click the More button and select Delete from the drop-down list.

Add a LLM Connection, Configuration (Embedding & Completion)

  1. Within your LLM Skill, click the button and select LLM Connections.
  2. Select Tenjin Azure OpenAI, note, you can change the name.
    1. Press the ellipsis button (three dots) on the top right of the Tenjin Azure OpenAI box.
    2. Click the Edit LLM Connection button.
    3. Enter the name you wish to call your Azure OpenAI connection. 
    4. Click OK to save. 
  3. Click Add LLM Configuration button. 
  4. Choose your Embedding or Completion option.  
  5. Fill in the required fields. 
    1. Click the Help button to view the detailed inline help. 
  6. Click Save or Save with Comments from the drop-down.

How to Edit an LLM Configuration

  1. Select the LLM Configuration you wish to edit from within the LLM Configuration screen.
  2. All fields are editable.
  3. There is a History tab on the top right of the screen if you wish to see what changes have been made to this configuration.

How to Delete an LLM Configuration

  1. Within your LLM Skills Configuration screen, click the ellipsis (three dots) button to the right of the configuration.
  2. Click Delete from the drop-down list.

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