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Release Notes - v2.47 - 15th March 2024

  • Version: v2.47
  • Release date: 15th March 2024

New Features and Enhancements

Tenjin Owned Instance (Private Azure Marketplace Listing) - Certified

Tenjin is now available in the Azure Marketplace, meaning you can download Tenjin to your own Azure tenant, keeping all data within your own account and preferred region. You get the same Tenjin as everyone else, there are no differences, and we will also continue to maintain and update it for you. If you'd like to see Tenjin in your own Azure tenant, please get in touch with your subscription ID and we'll take care of the rest.

This increases customer choice to three Tenjin SaaS options:

  1. Shared
  2. Dedicated
  3. Owned

New LLM Skill

Following user feedback, requesting that LLM configuration data be grouped and managed outside of the Data Store, whilst giving customers more options for testing their configurations and supporting more models, we have started developing a new LLM assistant skill; the first iteration of the new LLM skill is included within this release. There is comprehensive help documentation included for each configuration type, which will be enhanced as we add more functionality in future releases. We would recommend reviewing future release notes for more information summarizing each new addition to this skill:

New Flow Action

  • Get LLM Configuration Object - Returns a JSON object containing all the required properties of a selected LLM configuration, created and stored within the assistant's LLM skill.

Enhanced Content Admin Role

Tenjin's Content Admin role has been enhanced, allowing users to manage all their assistant's content, extending what they could do before, whilst still limiting their access to other areas of Tenjin such as flow and Data Store. This new role allows users to access and manage the following content:

Streamline use of Data Store Variables in Flow

You asked, we listened, we added! There is now a new Data Store icon that allows flow developers to select an existing assistant-based or shared Data Store variable easily and quickly from a pop-up dialogue. The pop-up lists all available Data Store items with the added ability to search all the content listed. This replaces the previous version where flow developers needed to know (and remember) the key of the Data Store item they required before they could use it in flow; this was because they needed to manually type it into the input. We hope this solves the problems you told us about, but if not, please get in touch.

Flow Action Update

  • Get Data Store Blob Value - A new Data Store icon has been added to the Key input, which when clicked allows flow developers to select an existing Data Store variable easily and quickly.

Ability to Download Conversation History Summary

Enhancing the journey and measurement downloads, you can now also download Conversation History. This new download gives users the ability to import the conversation data into their chosen analytics tool, allowing custom analysis and reports to be executed. The data downloaded is the same as what is listed on the page across all pages and respects any filters set.

QnA Query Tool Enhancements

The Query tool in QnA, which can be accessed at the top level or via a single topic, allows content creators to test their content, making sure it returns the correct results for the type of questions users are asking. Due to the importance of this tool and the impact the results can have on users we have spent time redesigning it, making it easier to use and understand, with the ability to quickly navigate to each QnA item returned. These updates are in reply to feedback received from users, and we hope they improve the experience for everyone that has been in touch, but if not, or you have additional feedback, please get in touch.

Data Store UX Improvements

As the Data Store is used more, and the number of items stored increases, we have introduced search, sort, and filter options. This new functionality should make it easier and quicker to find the items you would like to view or update. In addition, we have also reduced the height of large Data Store items with a view to reducing the amount of scrolling you need to do to navigate the page; if you need to see these items, there is expand functionality that will display the complete contents of the value.

Minor Updates / Bug Fixes

  • Ability to see points achieved within the Targets administration page.
  • Improve the layout of the Assistant Measurements page, making better use of the space available.
  • Make sure the color picker is always visible within the Webchat Edit Settings pop-up dialogue, even in small browser windows.
  • Resolve a problem where the action drop-down on the When flow action would not always appear or function as expected.
  • Reinstate the red error highlight within the Flow Debugger.
  • Layout improvements within the flow editor panel, including the placement buttons.
  • Reinstate the links within the administration Dashboard charts to allow click-throughs to more detailed information (where relevant).
  • Improve the left-hand administration navigation, including more second-level links for easier and more consistent navigation.
  • Allow images to appear in the QnA administration page instead of the markdown.
  • Stop the Document Search table becoming too wide when it contains long file names.

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