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Company Targets Points - Administrators

Companies can now set targets for display within the workspace, promoting specific objectives with potential rewards for the company's users or charities of their choosing.

Users earn points and contribute towards the company target by providing and improving knowledge, asking new questions, and adding suggested answers, all with a view to centralizing and improving the company knowledge base, whilst making sure there are no silos of information and sharing knowledge.

Targets are set within the administration area, accessible from the workspace left-hand navigation link, followed by the Targets button in the top-right of the screen. They can be date and time based, meaning they are only active within a specific timeframe, or manually turned on and off, with the potential of showing many company targets if required; for example, a weekly and monthly target.

As demonstrated above, a company target has a name, description, points target, start date and time, optional end date and time, and a visible flag to hide or show it within the workspace; targets without an end date will continue to run until they are manually stopped.

Once a target has been created it will appear in the workspace after the start date has past, but only if the visible flag is enabled. Targets that have expired will remain visible until the visible flag is disabled.

If you want to end a target that has not finished, you can click the '...' button on the main list page and choose the 'end now' option. This will finish the target and set its end date to the current date and time, stopping it from accruing more points.

If you decide to change the start and/or end date the points will adjust accordingly based upon the new dates. Therefore, if you move the start date into the past, or the end date into the future, the system will review your users points and adjust the total accrued as required.

If required, you can have more than one target visible and accruing points at the same time; for example, having weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly targets. Alternatively, you could schedule one target to start immediately after another one has ended by setting the start and end dates accordingly.


Targets reside with the Workspace page. 

  •  Click the Targets button found at the top-right of your screen. Filtering is available within the page to help order the targets.

Add a Target

  1. From the Targets page within the Workspace section, click the +Add button found on the top-right of the screen.
  2. Enter your target's details:
    • Name.
    • Description, which has markdown capabilities.
      • Images can be uploaded from the image button, utilizing the standard image store functionality used elsewhere within Tenjin.
    • Enter the number of points needed to reach the target.
    • Start date and time for when the target should commence. 
    • End date when the target ends, which will automatically stop any new points from being added.
      • There is an option to keep the target active by toggling the end date button off; by not setting an end date the target will run until deactivated.
    • Administrators have the option of allowing the target to be visible to their users by toggling the Visible in Workspace option.
  3. Click OK to save.

Edit a Target

  1. Click the ellipsis button (three dots) at the far right of the screen against the target you wish to amend, then select the Edit option.
  2. Make your changes, then click the OK button to save. 

Delete a Target

  1. Press the ellipsis button (three dots) at the far right of the screen against the target you wish to amend, then select the Delete button.
  2. Click OK to confirm.

Deactivating a Target

  1. If your target does not have an end date, click the ellipsis button (three dots) at the far right of the screen against the target you wish to amend, then select the End Now button.
  2. Click OK to confirm.
  3. For targets with an end date set,
    1. Edit the target, change the end date to the date you wish the target to stop, keeping in mind this may also impact the points accrued depending upon the date set.
    2. Click the OK button to save.

Administrators should note that any points they earn whilst 'acting as' will contribute towards their home tenant, which is their default tenant and the one they are registered to, not the tenant they are acting as.

Detailed inline help is available by pressing the Help button.

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