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Badges are awarded for completing tasks within Tenjin, like adding a question or providing a suggested answer to a question someone else has asked. By clicking the 'Go to my badges' link on the workspace home page you can view how many badges you have been awarded, your progress towards badges that require multiple actions to be performed, and the badges you've not been awarded yet, as demonstrated below.


Maintaining Badges

Badge points are maintained by administrators within the administration area. There is a dedicated badge points page available by clicking the workspace link in the left-hand navigation followed by the 'Badge Points' button in the top-right.

Each badge has a default point value, which can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon on the right-hand side of each badge.
If a badge is edited an audit message will be displayed with the date of when the change took place; the default value will also be displayed as a note so that the change can be reverted if required.

Changes made here will be immediately reflected in the user workspace page and will only impact new badges awarded, any badges already gained will not have their points changed.

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