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If a user within your workspace asks a question that does not have an answer, they have the ability to submit an “Expert Assist Question”, asking their peers (other users of the workspace) if they know the answer.

An administrator can also review the Expert Assist questions and decide if one or more of the suggested answers should be posted to the QnA knowledge base, plugging these knowledge gaps proactively and improving the company's knowledge.

Displayed is a list of all questions that have been asked, you can view each question to see a list of suggested answers. In addition:

  • You have the option to add a new answer to the question.
  • You can vote for a question:
    • Positively: you would also like to know the answer to this question.
    • Negatively: you don't understand the question, or it could be worded better.
  • You can vote on an answer to the question:
    • Positively: you agree with the answer and in your opinion, it's the correct / best answer to the question.
    • Negatively: You do not believe this is the correct answer to the question.

Administrators can also manage the questions, updating content or deleting them if they're not appropriate.

More information on moderating questions can be found here:

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