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The inline help article covers the following topics:

  • Setup
  • Example 1: Calling a Website by Mistake
  • Example 2: Calling a Simple REST Endpoint
  • Example 3: Calling a REST Endpoint and Passing a Variable in the URL Path
  • Example 4: Calling a REST Endpoint with Query String Parameters
  • Example 5: Calling a REST Endpoint with OData Query String Parameters
  • Example 6: Calling a REST Endpoint with POST Data
  • Handling the Response
    • Store Response Code (optional)
    • Store Response Body (optional)
    • Store Response Headers (optional)
    • Store Specific Response Header (optional)
  • References

Agent Handoff

The Agent Handoff flow action provides the ability for the assistant to connect to an agent, as configured in the assistant's Agent Handoff skill.

If the user's email is required for an Agent Handoff then it can be set from the User email address drop-down. Either directly ask the user for their email address or use the Verify Email Address flow action before this action to make sure the user has access to the email address they enter. This action will not prompt the user for an email address directly.

The other inputs within the Agent Handoff flow action are:

  • Connection result: Boolean (Yes/No) variable that will store the result of the agent handoff connection, true if it connected successfully, or false if it was not successful.
  • Errors: Array variable that holds a list of error messages. This will only be populated if the connection fails.

If the connection is successful, the conversation will stay within this action until the user or the agent ends it. Once ended, flow will then proceed to the next flow action within Tenjin.

OAuth Sign In

The OAuth Sign-in action is an authentication protocol that allows you to establish an approved interaction with the application connected within the OAuth skill.

OAuth Sign Out

The OAuth Sign-out ends the connection.

Verify Email Address

The Verify Email Address flow action will present the user with the supplied question text and prompt them to enter their email address. An email will then be sent to that email address with a verification code that the user needs to enter into the assistant.

Upon success, the flow action will return the verified email address.

If canceled, the flow action will return an empty string.

Verify Front Office Email Address

The Verify Front Office Email Address action will check that the supplied email address is a valid user in the Front Office instance configured in the Front Office skill.

Example code can be found within the inline help.

Notify Tenjin Users

The Notify Tenjin Users flow action allows you to send a proactive message to other users who are registered with Tenjin and using the assistant.

You can email, a Tenjin-verified user using their email address using this action.

Inline help with examples of variables is available.

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