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Flow Control Actions


Following customer feedback, the container flow action can now be collapsed and expanded; starting collapsed when a flow is opened for editing. As the container flow action is used more to logically group actions together, allowing it to be collapsible means flows become more manageable as they are edited, with only one item appearing for one operation, no matter how many actions are required to perform the operation.

For Each

The actions in the For Each container will be run for every item in the variable supplied to the For Each flow action. The For Each flow action only supports array variable types and document search results.

The following parameters are supplied to the For Each flow action:

  • Item Data Object: Variable that will store the current item / value from the array.
  • Item Index: Variable that will store the current index of the array.
  • Total Count: Variable that will store the total number of items in the array.

Do While

The actions that are setup within the Do While container will always run once.

At the end of a Do While loop the action will check the condition expression. If the condition is met it will loop around and run the actions again, continuing until the condition expression is no longer true.

  • Condition Expression: An expression or constant that will be checked at the end of every loop. This must equate to either True or False, any other result will cause the assistant to error.

Exiting the Loop Early

To exit the loop early, before the end of all the actions within the loop, use a Break Loop action; the Break Loop action will be available only when adding a new action within a loop.


Use the wait flow action to temporarily pause the flow's execution.

Some external resources, such as REST APIs, do not always complete synchronously, instead returning an identifier that can be used to check the status of the original call. The wait action, combined with the HTTP and while flow actions, provide the building blocks to produce a polling loop that can continually check the progress of the call.


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