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Common Flow Actions


Use the Message flow action to send text to the user.

The Message action supports Markdown, which allows you to style text with headings, bullet points, italics, etc. There is more information about markdown within the flow action's inline help with more detailed information below:


The Question flow action gives you the ability to ask the user a question and store the response in a variable for use later.

Assign Variables

If you want to assign a variable to a constant, simply type the constant in the text box. If you want to do a calculation, type an equal sign (=) into the input followed by the formula you want to use. After clicking into the input, use the (x) button above the entry box to insert an existing variable. Function names are case-sensitive, so toUpper will work, but ToUpper will not; please view the function reference on the Microsoft website for more information.


The HTTP flow action gives you the ability to call an external resource, such as an API, saving the response in a variable for use later. The action supports different methods, such as GET and POST, including different content types. The action supports the ability to send / receive files. There are more detailed examples available within the inline help, alternatively please contact us if you require more information.

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